Photo of the artist Dominia

The First And The Last Prayer


I don't know where is the beginning
The great creator led me to believing
I'll live... Around me now it’s dark
In the future, I'll be happy and have love

My mother talks to me. I'm not alone
I want to see her face, my faith is strong
I feel her heart beat, it makes me glad
I'll recognize her from the million I stead

And suddenly I cannot hear her voice
I'm really scared, I only feel her heart beat noise
One day she told me sorry and began to cry
I've understood with terror, I have to die

Mother don't kill me, give me the hope to live
Mother please hear me, you've wanted love to give

I want to live, to see the light
Oh God, I pray to stop her tonight
I'm doomed eternally to cry
Oh Mother please, please don't let me die

It is the end, so that is all
Now I am dead, I wasn't born
Forgive my mom, last time she cried
I'd gone to Heaven, unborn child

Mother you've killed me, with no hope to live
Mother please hear me, you have no love to give

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