Sadness is embracing me
Like the foggy night, like a friend
And tristesse is irritating me
Like a broken thing that I can't mend

All the other girls can feel the spring
But this old diamond just can't feel a thing
And there's no one I really can talk to
It ain't no news that I am springtime-blue

Leave me! Get out off my dreams
Cause I don't need you there and it is wrong
Truth is you don't care for me
And I'm promised to someone

All the other girls they sing and dance
While this old diamond just can't stand a chance
And nobody can understand a thing
I'm dying every years when it turns spring

It ain't unusual that I'm crying
It ain't unusual that I'm blue
But when I see him I am dying

Still I must stay true
To the feelings I brew
So I stay springtime-blue

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