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The Queen of Hearts

Ezra Furman

It's the search for a church in the bottom of your purse
A spiritual home you can take to the mall
You dig and you dig but you can only find your wallet
And your phone with a hundred missed calls
You could never return them all

And I watch you with your purse from the adjacent coffee table
At the Starbucks they built inside my heart
And your make-up starts to run, you can see you're getting older
You can see your life has been hard
Your face is worn like an old playing card
The queen of hearts
The queen of hearts

I am working in my bedroom, I'm composing all the music
For a film that will never be made
It's the story of my life, a one million hour epic
About a good man who went down in flames
Who got lost in God's multitude of names

I am searching, I am searching I am waving my antenna
Trying to pick up some signal through this dream
I'm an ant in a hill but I think and I feel
And I'm composing these love letters to the queen
Hoping somebody will see what I mean
The queen of hearts
The queen of hearts
The queen of hearts

I always heard about God with a wink and a nod
I guess I took it all too seriously
But I was five years old and I took what I was told
To mean that the sublime was in my reach
That the ocean of the known ends at the beach
Just up the street

These days people like that are considered aberrations
And I'm being corrected as we speak
This is my heart, it's a motor, it will search the world over
I'm a search engine, see what I mean?
I don't need the Internet, I don't need TV
To find the queen
The queen of hearts
The queen

So if you ever find that church that fits in your purse
Put it into your cold metal shopping cart
And keep on wandering the aisles on the sick fluorescent tiles
We'll be miles and miles apart
I've got my own search, I'm still just at the start
I'll be out on the highways looking for my counterpart
The queen of hearts

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