In the nature of your numbers
On an axis, on an axis
Hidden aboard, the words you swore
Were gone

Across a map
The behaviour of your neighbours
I won't go, I’m lost without

(Oh, she’d know how)

She bore the breadth
In the force and all awaited
I’m relaxed, now, I’m relaxed now
You’re numb and you walk
You eat, you’re rising on

Well, the fact is
In the vapour and the paper
I won’t slow enough to mask
In, out

Pray, all told
The waves go slow
You wade on home
You’re safe and sound

Wake, unfold
The days follow
You stayed with us
Hollowed out

Bathe out the boredom
You’re a forest, you’re
Safe and sound

Drain out the chorus
I’m a tourist, I’m
Hollowed out

In and of itself
The denim would be fraying now
Fraying now

We were not ourselves
Death-defying, wearing out

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