Figured I won't
Even need to know
Lapsed like your backbone

Thing is I don't
Feel at home
With all the hormones

What was bone
Is silicone
Trapped in a telephone

It was sewn
To your anklebone
Ink-capped to show you'd ‘grown’

Gotta find your number
In an almanac
Gotta find out if you're without somebody
Got a line of lovers in a zodiac
I'll find you on my way to someone

Didn’t I grow
In that honeycomb?
Did laps in a narrow boat

Didn't I go
In a hurry, no?
Let slats of your marrow show

Nearby moans
In baritone
Lost to a shallow drone

Nearly blows
A bloody nose
You were marshmallows

Our binary form, our other one
Our other ocean floor
I finally saw the final form
I know I'm waiting for

The final form isn’t enough

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