Where’d you go?
So I know
Decided I’m leaving
I’ll dissolve
There’s no way of knowing

Oh, and I finally caught a coma
Oh and my irony forged an omen

Couldn’t hear your name
Couldn’t steer on my own
You had barely aged
Let it domino
In the evening
Had I said I’d postpone?
Sever all your limbs
Follow head over toes

Years ago
I coined the portmanteau
I tore the words you sewed
Thought that I would shape it
It’s all in the cadence
Hard enough to say at all

Further in a deeper haze
Oh I couldn’t steer on my own
Hardly had an even say
Had I even said I’d postpone?

Sister I know
Harder than most
When you’re bitter to the aura
She never spoke
The better of a woman
She was the colour of smoke

Go farther in the furrow, called it off
She was held in a choke
And the corners of the atlas
Seared, white as a tone
A murmur at the lighter
Sounds of naphtha
Burned harder than most

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