Head down
You wore my faith
That I wouldn’t carry on

Hung around
I guess you’re late
I’ve probably wondered off

And I told you
That I'm honestly torn
And I’ll warn you
That I’m honestly bored
And I won't live in a fantasy, woman
I won't live, I won't

Head down
I rolled my tongue
Reams sown were reaped in void

I'm allowed
She made me, wait
I thought I was the only one?

I thought I’d be shown around
Said I’ve gotta knuckle down
Don’t mind me, I won’t look down
I know I’m an open house
I’m canon, I’m ultrasound
Don’t mind me, I won’t look down

And vaguely, I followed your path
And maybe I just wanted you back home
And maybe I wasn’t attached
But, mainly, I needed your back

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