Photo of the artist Harvist

To Unleash The God Of Armageddon


Dark dominion of the black goat (of the woods)
Goat of a thousand young
Shub-Niggurath, goat queen
Lady of witches (and horned abominations)
Called upon by grim priests upon a blackened altar
Birther of abominations and mother of apocalyptic burning skies
Bow down before her
Call upon the lord of deep (crawling chaos)
Scaly slithering terror (up from the depths)
Dead yet in slumber
No cross or burning pentagram will ever stop them
For no god except he and his brothers and sisters exist
Beings come forth from the darkest of space
To unleash the hell of the outer limits
Our world buried under stellar might
Drop to your knees and know your god is dead
For the tomb of Ryleh rumbles
Trapped deep in veiled prison lies the god of Armageddon
And soon he who rests
Will be free

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