Photo of the artist Harvist

Hollowed (From Within)


Each day stings a little less
But pain of my misdeeds remain
Alone to my thoughts I restand hope for myself reclaim
All that has been brokenyour heart I regret the most
For I, the fool disguised
In your noble man's clothes.
And as I burn your name in my heart
Forever I will be hollowed from within
This my atonement for thee to take
My heart I give for thee to break.
So take it away from me, for I tire of its strain
Each breath taken is but a mocking of the pain
Although the sun again will rise
And the stars continue to shine
Slowly I find myself becoming hollowed out each time.
This the time of penitence
My ships set sail to thee
Will you make your waters calm
For I again may see
The love in your eyes
And the morning light
As dawn breaks upon your hair
And stars dance in your eyes at night.
As I stand at the edge, I watch the storm at sea
Alone with my own regret of what can never be
So I sleep one last time with a dream of you and I
For when the morning arrives
This hollowed heart will strive.

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