Photo of the artist Harvist

Crown Of The Tentacled King


Yog-Sothoth, lurker at the threshold
Open the gate where the god of Armageddon sleeps
Unleash his darkness upon mankind
Within the tomb at Ryleh Cthulhu sleeps
Within the tomb at Ryleh, waiting to be free
Elder gods reign over unholy domination
Unleash your power across mankind's lands
Celebrate this world's decimation
Know human extinction is at hand
Dark god arise from your prison…
Upon an ancient rite of chaos the spawn of Cthulhu rise
Up from the depths, destroy mankind
Darkness will fall upon the land
Freed from the crypt
Unleashing deadly retribution
Waiting to be set free
Fly upon blackened wings to bring about obliteration
Unleash the tentacle king
Great beast set forth
To bring apocalypse and destruction
Slithering malevolence unleashed
Cthulhu, time to regain your throne
Yog-Sothoth, open the gate wide and reign fire down from the sky
The end of all creation, the outer gods unleashed
Bow to the outer gods
Down upon your knees
Within the tomb at Ryleh, Cthulhu sleeps
Within the tomb at Ryleh, waiting to be set free

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