Photo of the artist Harvist

Longing For Twilight Essence


Dwelleth into woods so deep, beyond the shadow keep
Longed have I for the night, at the edge of winter I stand encloaked in twilight...

Upon lakes so clear, the stars reflect their gleam
As to tell a story, spoken by a stream
And into me it shook and entangled me in it's grace
So beloved to hold with me in my tragic haist.

...And the stars, so long a time did shine
Greeted by the dawn and died out in time
Graced now by age and given wisdom
I greet my end and unto my kingdom...

Upon lakes so clear, I wish on those old stars
So few to see now, behind yonder clouds afar
Alike winter in spirit, hoary and grey
In dawns gleam, I too shall fade away
And be as the night of last...

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