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Like Wow - Wipeout

Hoodoo Gurus

I kiss the ground on which you walk,
I kiss the lips through which you talk,
I kiss the city of New York where I first met you.

You're my doll and don't forget it
'Cos I'm the guy who will regret it.
I love you more than when I said it when I first met you.

I love the way you talk, you walk, you smile, your style,
Like now, Like, wow-wipeout! No doubt
I was gone the moment I laid eyes on you.

You'll never be a beauty queen
Won't feature in no magazine
But you're the best that's ever been.
I'm glad that I met you.
Take every day now as it comes,
You take the cake I'll keep the crumbs.
I only hear the sound of drums in my heart
(that means that I get you.)

I love the way you walk, you talk, you smile, your style,
Your dress, your caress,
Well, yes, yes, yes I am impressed.
I was gone the moment I laid eyes on you.

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