Get a load of him - what a Nature Boy!
Always shaking hands with the unemployed,
He looks like he could shit an asteroid!
Jumped up, pumped up,
Popping hormone pills,
He's got the biceps, triceps.
Got the healthy look that kills.
Too bad.

Who's that girl? She's a living Barbie doll!
In her plastic world, "Barbie" takes control.
Facelift, electrolysis
No hair out of place
Brain - twist barbiturates,
She's got an evil beauty case.
Too bad, so sad.

Well, ain't you the glamourpuss!
Look so good it's dangerous.
Ain't you the glamourpuss,
You're less than amorous to me.

So long, glamourpuss, we might meet again
But if I was you, I wouldn't hold my breath 'til then
(Though I wish you would-'til the year, say 2010!}
Beefcake, cheesecake
Make me lick my lips.
Junkfood pulchritude
Goes straight to my hips.
Skin-deep thrill-seek
Amounts to less-than-zip.
I'm glad.

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