There's a feeling that I just can't shake,
A premonition it's all about to break.
I don't know what to do
To help it come on through.
Send a message, sign it S.O.S.
Hear me crying in the wilderness.
I hope my signal's clear,
Just like Paul Revere.
Something's coming - it could mean life or death.

People tell me to give Œtil it hurts
And everybody gets their just desserts.
All I ask of you
Remember, it takes two
It sure takes two.
Watch your back, my friend, you're gonna lose your shirt.
You can trust me - I never kiss and tell.
Better hurry before you break the spell.
If it's an uphill climb
There's no better time that you will find
Than the present - starting with yourself.

Something's coming - start with yourself.

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