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Free country, I hear you say.
Well I ain't satisfied, I want it my way.
Banning everything under the sun,
Life's just fuckin boring,
You've killed all the fun.
Tax the fuck out of cigarettes,
Then tell us all about the regrets.
Lose your money on the stick of death
so tax our speed and beer instead.

Force us from an early age
to go to work and earn a wage.
Then charge us for the congestion,
The noise and fumes you call pollution.
Can't u see that the real disease,
The real pollution that were up to our knees,
Slobs and whores with no contraception,
Another 4 parasites for the nation.

More babies on the way,
More money thrown away,
More idiots to feed,
More idiots to breed,

This is the true congestion,
no money for your pension

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