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Smell The Irony


Crying child, confused and hurt,
cos his homies been buried by rubble and dirt,
wanders around to find his Dad,
who's been blown to bits by an air strike, it's mad.
These people he thought were here to save,
and divert the terror so far away,
have destroyed his home, his dreams and family,
in a war against terror, smell the irony?

The same excuses everyday,
where we try to justify why we are there today.
Patrolling, abusing, attacking and killing,
even more civilians suffering.
What is wrong with our population,
blinded by the lies of terrorism.
Turn off your TV and use your head,
your not the one who's getting shot dead.

Can you smell the irony?
How many attacks have they made?
And how many people have we saved?
It's propaganda can't you see?
We're not the victims anymore.

Military reports of a wanted man,
located maybe somewhere in Afghanistan,
forget the research, "call the carpet bomb",
another thousand casualties and no result.
What makes these innocent families
any less valuable than your own?
Can't you see what we've become?
Ignorant, malicious, terrorist scum.

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