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Keep Droppin'


I've fallen in love with a special kinda friend,
A small lovey, little one with lots of love to spread,
I love the anxiety, the tension, excitement,
Is it in my head? Is it in my head?
You take tha medication, gulp down some beer,
It's a winning combination, No worries no fears,
Just the greatest fuckin' feelin' you fucks will ever feel,
So call up your dealer and get some fuckin' chickaz!

I keep takin', poppin', droppin' ecstasy!

I just come up and my legs are like jelly,
Feeling a rumblin'n'tumblin' inside me
My veins are pumping this lovejuice through me,
My hearing's distorted, I'm strugglin' to see.
This shit is spouting out of my mouth,
But for some reason my pals know wot I'm on about,
Greatest times, still I cud do with a line
I wont be out of bed for some fuckin' time!

What the fuck did I just see,
That wall was closing in on me,
What the fuck did I just say,
My deep down feelings wont stay a way
This is the truth pill, swallow it whole.
Its the best fuckin' painkiller you'll ever swallow
Life is so much better on this,
It's just a shame that it doesn't really exist!

I keep takin', poppin', droppin' ecstasy
I keep talkin, I'm dry mouthin', I'm all out of ecstasy

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