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The Right To Die


Life is sacred, so be it yea?
I couldn't give a shit coz you made me sick.
Nobody can refuse you the right,
to give up your life, just fuckin end it!
Pressured into suicide by the fucked up laws,
then labeled a psycho for being sick of your bodies war,
No one should have to suffer the pain,
the strain and then be told that their insane.
Keep your religion out of our laws,
in fact fuck religion, fuck the law.
Assisted suicide its illegal we know,
so would you take me to the backstreets and fuckin slit my throat?
Your laws and morals wont stop the killing,
so give people a chance to choose whether their living,
and the friends and family who assist the deed,
won't have to be ashamed of giving what you need.

The Laws are sick and twisted,
I don't give a fuck if life is sacred.

You try to scream but the words don't come out.
you try to grab the pills but you cant move about.
You cant drown your self coz your being watched.
You cant reach for the knife coz they've been locked up.
You cant exercise by your self.
You cant eat or dress your fuckin self.
Your dignity's been taken away.
You've had enough, your time is up.

Why is it so hard to understand
that some people don't want that helping hand.
Some people want their independence,
and once that has gone they wanna quit existence.
But they're incapable of doing this on their own,
so they're forced to live and suffer alone.
The laws are sick and twisted,
I don't give a fuck if life is sacred.

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