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Young Love


She was sittin cross-legged on the hood of the Ford
Filin down her nails with an emory board
Talkin with her friends about people they knew
And all of the things that young girls do
When she said, "You see that guy in the baseball cap
You know I'd like to spend some time with a boy like that"
Betty said, "I've seen him at the hardware store
I think his name is Billy, but I'm not sure"
Well they talked a little while and he passed by
She smiled at him, he just said hi
He was thinkin to himself as he walked away
You know I'd like to find a girl like her some day

Young love, strong love, true love, it's a new love
They're gonna make it through the hard times
Walk those lines, yeah these ties'll bind.....young love

Well she just couldn't stop herself from thinkin bout him
At a store downtown she saw him again
She had both hands full, he held open the door
He said, "My name is Billy, I've seen you before
Can I help you with these, can I give you a ride
Can I take you out on a Saturday night"
She didn't have to say what she was feelin inside
He could see the answer shinin in her eyes

(Repeat Chorus)

From that day on, you couldn't keep them apart
They were side by side and heart to heart
Momma cried when Billy slipped the ring on her hand
When the baby was born, she was cryin again
Well he worked real hard and put some money down
On a little old house at the edge of town
That night as he held her he couldn't believe
That God had made a girl that he'd never ever leave

(Repeat Chorus)

She was sittin cross-legged on the hood of the Ford
Filin down her nails with an emory board

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