Round the clock lovin

K. T. Oslin

I don't need your hard-earned money
Honey, I've got money of my own
I don't need your helpful instructions
To help me get to where I'm going
I don't need you to drive me downtown
In your big shiny car
My needs are simple if you'll just sit down
I'm gonna tell you what they all are
(All I need is 'round the clock lovin'
Rolling easy loving the hours away
All I need is 'round the clock lovin'
I need it twenty-rour hours every day)
I don't need your mother's phone calls
Waking me up in the night
Asking me "Well, what are ya'll doing?"
And "Are you treating my baby right?"
I don't need your good time buddies
Spilling their beer on my floors
In case you missed it the first time 'round
I'm gonna run it back one time more
(Repeat Chorus)
I don't need designer dresses
Perfume from Paris, France
All that stuff just ain't enough
To make my little heart get up and dance
I don't need your diamond necklace
Shimmering around my neck
That's not what makes me sparkle
Honey, do you have the picture yet?
(Repeat Chorus)

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