1. Te Llevo Conmigo Restart
  2. Mi Estrella Restart
  3. The Way Fastball
  4. Chica Diferente Restart
  5. Stacy's Mom Fountains Of Wayne
  6. Aqui Lejos Restart
  7. Matemática Restart
  8. Recomenzar Restart
  9. Amanecer En Tu Mirada Restart
  10. As Cores Cine
  11. Menina Estranha Restart
  12. Sonido Criminal Capri
  13. Te Deixar Restart
  14. Too Cool for School Fountains Of Wayne
  15. Happy Rock Sunday Restart
  16. Levo Comigo Restart
  17. Pra Você Lembrar Restart
  18. Number One Tove Styrke
  19. Vai e Volta Restart
  20. Poesia Restart
  21. Fé Acesa Restart
  22. Mi Perdición (feat. Rock Bones) Cine
  23. Nosso Verão Restart
  24. O Meu Melhor Restart
  25. Red Song Hey Rosetta
  26. Last Leaf Ok Go
  27. In The Street Big Star
  28. Voy a Cantar Restart
  29. Hey Julie Fountains Of Wayne
  30. Ao Teu Lado Restart
  31. Signal in the sky Apples in Stereo
  32. Nanana (Version English) Wonkavision
  33. Man I Think I Love Her Stereo Skyline!
  34. Que Tal? Annalee
  35. Comenzar de nuevo Restart
  36. Milagrito de Dios 20/20
  37. Right By Your Side Enuff Z'nuff
  38. Meus Segredos Restart
  39. September Gurls Big Star
  40. Thank You Friends Big Star
  41. The Summer Place Fountains Of Wayne
  42. WTF? Ok Go
  43. Recomeçar Restart
  44. Holocaust Big Star
  45. Dance e Não Se Canse Cine
  46. Nunca Ninguém Morreu de Amor (part. Sevenlox) Cine
  47. Esse Amor Em Mim (Espanhol) Restart
  48. Bv3 Bran Van 3000
  49. Upside Down & Inside Out Ok Go
  50. Se Eu Pudesse (part. Mpbrothers) Cine
  51. Amanhecer No Teu Olhar Restart
  52. Samurai Boy Tove Styrke
  53. Vou Cantar Restart
  54. Final Feliz Restart
  55. Aftergold (feat. Big Wild) Tove Styrke
  56. Esse Amor Em Mim Restart
  57. I'm In Love With A Girl Big Star
  58. 'Til I Get It Right Fastball
  59. Prolepsis Ok Go
  60. Lá Em Cima Está o Tiro Liro Liro Restart
  61. Everything I Want - Steve Rushton Steve Rushton
  62. The Smile Schiller
  63. The Tra la la song (One banana, Two banana) Material Issue
  64. Eu Pedi Você Restart
  65. I Will Never Let You Down Fastball
  66. All Is Not Lost Ok Go
  67. Kiss Me In The Morning Stereo Skyline!
  68. Mistakes Tove Styrke
  69. Don't Ask Me Ok Go
  70. Como Tem Que Ser Restart
  71. Aquí de Lejos (Pra Você Lembrar) Restart
  72. A Vida É Uma Só Restart
  73. On The Low Tove Styrke
  74. Praia e Sol Cine
  75. Minha Estrela Restart
  76. Otelo Paradise Capri
  77. The One Moment Ok Go
  78. Não Sei Quem Sou Restart
  79. I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend The Rubinoos
  80. Sky Holds The Sun A Band Of Bees
  81. Gamma Pop Capri
  82. Borderline Tove Styrke
  83. 1000 Miles Away Hoodoo Gurus
  84. Skyscrapers Ok Go
  85. Ode An Die Freude Schiller
  86. A Usurpadora Cine
  87. Happy Rock Sunday (Espanhol) Restart
  88. Lost In You Stephen Barnes
  89. Yellow Pills 20/20
  90. Brag Tove Styrke
  91. Sway Tove Styrke
  92. Here It Goes Again Ok Go
  93. Shooting The Moon Ok Go
  94. Der Tag ... Du Bist Erwacht Schiller
  95. Cara de Santa Restart
  96. In Anticipation Of Your Suicide Bedroom Walls
  97. Ain't Got No Tove Styrke
  98. Heavy Heart You Am I
  99. Obsession Ok Go
  100. Time To Let You Go Enuff Z'nuff
  101. Breath - feat. September Schiller
  102. Los Colores Cine
  103. Sua Música Restart
  104. Nosso Rock Restart
  105. Yer Spring Hey Rosetta
  106. I'm Not Through Ok Go
  107. Luiza Restart
  108. Vou Cantar (Espanhol) Restart
  109. Yes! Yes! Yes! Hey Rosetta
  110. Thirteen Big Star
  111. Astounded Bran Van 3000
  112. You're a Fucking Nerd And No One Likes You Ok Go
  113. Ruhe Schiller
  114. Let Me Love You Schiller
  115. Tudo que eu quero esquecer Restart
  116. Thats Whats Up Boys Will Be Boys
  117. Burn Tove Styrke
  118. Don't Lie To Me Big Star
  119. Drinking In La Bran Van 3000
  120. ...Baby One More Time Fountains Of Wayne
  121. Someone to Love Fountains Of Wayne
  122. Three Primary Colors Ok Go
  123. Time Doesn't Wait Squealer
  124. I Could Never Be Without You Enuff Z'nuff
  125. Meu Mundo Restart
  126. O Bom Restart
  127. Feel Big Star
  128. Love Cliche Bran Van 3000
  129. All Kinds of Time Fountains Of Wayne
  130. This Too Shall Pass Ok Go
  131. Try (feat. Nadia Ali) Schiller
  132. Breve História Restart
  133. Era Um Garoto Que Como Eu Amava os Beatles e os Rolling Stones Restart
  134. Ego Tove Styrke
  135. Nobody But You Apples in Stereo
  136. Ein Schöner Tag Schiller
  137. Tired Schiller
  138. Garota Radical Cine
  139. I Carry You With Me Restart
  140. Doce Doce Amor Restart
  141. Strange Magic Steve Rushton
  142. High And Low Tove Styrke
  143. Jesus Christ Big Star
  144. A Million Ways Ok Go
  145. Love Schiller
  146. Sobre Eu e Você Restart
  147. I Love You A Band Of Bees
  148. Esprit D'escalier Hey Rosetta
  149. Falsas Mentiras Eneon
  150. Always You Schiller
  151. O Que Você Sonhou Restart
  152. Hourglass A Band Of Bees
  153. White Light Moment Tove Styrke
  154. The Ballad Of El Goodo Big Star
  155. Out Of My Head Fastball
  156. End Love Ok Go
  157. The Ghost at Number One Jellyfish
  158. Dream Of You Schiller
  159. Alive (feat. Adam Young) Schiller
  160. Se Você Quiser Cine
  161. Namora Comigo? Cine
  162. Renascer Restart
  163. Heartbeat Stereo Skyline!
  164. Nowhere Fast Boys Will Be Boys
  165. Hackensack Fountains Of Wayne
  166. Berlin Chair You Am I
  167. The Writing's On The Wall Ok Go
  168. I Feel You Schiller
  169. Lembranças Restart
  170. Menina Veneno Restart
  171. Nunca Vai Ter Fim Restart
  172. Call My Name Tove Styrke
  173. Say My Name Tove Styrke
  174. Try Again Big Star
  175. I am the cosmos (Chris Bell solo) Big Star
  176. Needing/Getting Ok Go
  177. I Won't Let You Down Ok Go
  178. Epic Shores (feat. Meredith Call) Schiller
  179. Bye, Bye Restart
  180. Pra Você Lembrar Restart
  181. O Que Eu Quis Restart
  182. Only You Jason Falkner
  183. Sorry, I Stole Your Girlfriend Stereo Skyline!
  184. We Don't Care Lets Get It
  185. Even If I'm Loud It Doesn't Mean I'm Talking To You Tove Styrke
  186. Turn Up The Radio Ok Go
  187. Se Quer Saber Cine
  188. Fire Escape Fastball
  189. Stifler's Mom (American Pie Version) Fountains Of Wayne
  190. Gigantic Ok Go
  191. Liebe (mit Mila Mar) Schiller
  192. Bye Bye Restart
  193. Play Cine
  194. Atos e Retratos Restart
  195. Un Solo Corazón YSIS
  196. Stacy's mom Fountains Of Wayne
  197. The Simplest Thing Hey Rosetta
  198. Dance, Dance, Dance (tonight I'm Gonna Dance) Banda Melody
  199. Get Low Since Forever
  200. Rainshine Bran Van 3000
  201. Night Must Fall Hoodoo Gurus
  202. Fly High Michelle Enuff Z'nuff
  203. Träume Schiller
  204. Música do Chupim Restart
  205. Take Care Big Star
  206. Drifting Away Fastball
  207. I Want You So Bad I Can't Breathe Ok Go
  208. Best kept secret The Rubinoos
  209. Bandages Hey Rosetta
  210. Who's Got News Tove Styrke
  211. Where Were They Going? Fastball
  212. Reveal Love Ken Stringfellow
  213. Welcome Hey Rosetta
  214. A Thousand Miles (Vanessa Carlton cover) Moneta
  215. You're So Damn Hot Ok Go
  216. Oh Lately It's So Quiet Ok Go
  217. Young Glass Hey Rosetta
  218. Everything I Want Steve Rushton
  219. New Mistake Jellyfish
  220. Strength (Vie) Enuff Z'nuff
  221. You Schiller
  222. How Did I Get Here? Fastball
  223. Friends Like You You Am I
  224. Maybe, This Time Ok Go
  225. If I Had a Mountain Ok Go
  226. Distance Schiller
  227. Out That Door Hoodoo Gurus
  228. Shadow Me Hoodoo Gurus
  229. White Knuckles Ok Go
  230. Bright as Your Eyes Ok Go
  231. Life Is Strange Enuff Z'nuff
  232. Do The Buildings And Cops Makes You Smile Bedroom Walls
  233. The Malcontent (The Modern World) Fastball
  234. Pe Lanza, Pelu e Pelúcia (comédia MTV) Restart
  235. Red Heart Hey Rosetta
  236. Airstream Fastball
  237. Sink To The Bottom Fountains Of Wayne
  238. I Was A Kamikaze Pilot Hoodoo Gurus
  239. Do What You Want Ok Go
  240. Bossa Nova Restart
  241. When God Made You he Was Showing Off Stephen Barnes
  242. Oh, My Little Kitten Ok Go
  243. I'll Never Fall In Love Again Splitsville
  244. Rap com Tata Werneck (Comédia MTV) Restart
  245. Fim do Mundo Restart
  246. The Lover's Hymn Ken Stringfellow
  247. Invincible Ok Go
  248. I've Seen It All Schiller
  249. Blue Moon Big Star
  250. Goodbye Enuff Z'nuff
  251. I Miss You Schiller
  252. Fate Schiller
  253. The Lie in Me Jason Falkner
  254. Valley Winter Song Fountains Of Wayne
  255. Girl Like You Smithereens
  256. Valerie Loves Me Material Issue
  257. Dias de Chuva Restart
  258. Bears, Bears of Cloverfield Since Forever
  259. I Lied Tove Styrke
  260. Castles In The Air Hoodoo Gurus
  261. Um Dia Restart
  262. Find Yourself Alone Ken Stringfellow
  263. Perfect World Fastball
  264. Another Set Of Issues Ok Go
  265. Sleep, Everyone... Powerspace
  266. While You Were Asleep Ok Go
  267. The Great Fire Ok Go
  268. There Goes My Heart Enuff Z'nuff
  269. Sasha Splitsville
  270. Everywhere Bran Van 3000
  271. You Just Don't Do It For Me Friend You Am I
  272. Energy Apples in Stereo
  273. It's A Disaster Ok Go
  274. Chamada Perdida Cine
  275. Sábado À Noite Cine
  276. The Greatest Song I Ever Heard Ok Go
  277. You (feat. Colbie Caillat) Schiller
  278. Snaren Tove Styrke
  279. You Get What You Deserve Big Star
  280. She's So High Above Me Fastball
  281. A Playlist Killed the Mixtape Select Start
  282. All I Was Looking For Was You Fastball
  283. I Was The One Hoodoo Gurus
  284. Lullaby Ok Go
  285. Miles And Miles Schiller
  286. Prometa Cine
  287. Someday Fastball
  288. Like Wow - Wipeout Hoodoo Gurus
  289. Ken (The Mother Nature's Son) You Am I
  290. Do You Love Me Now? Ok Go
  291. I Hope It Makes You Happy Hoodoo Gurus
  292. Too Much Passion Smithereens
  293. You Open My Eyes Hoodoo Gurus
  294. One Cent Coins You Am I
  295. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town Steve Rushton
  296. Beating On a Better Drum Tove Styrke
  297. Walking a Line Tove Styrke
  298. ST 110/6 Big Star
  299. Come Anytime Hoodoo Gurus
  300. Crackin' Up Hoodoo Gurus
  301. Como Es Grande Mi Amor Por Ti Cine
  302. Big Black Car Big Star
  303. Mother's Eyes Enuff Z'nuff
  304. Em Choque Cine
  305. Pra Ser Feliz (Ft. Pe Lu - Restart) Restart
  306. Your Eyes Like Sunshine Stephen Barnes
  307. A girl like you Smithereens
  308. Rock 'N Roll Suicide (feat. Bonerama) Ok Go
  309. The Final Daylight Squealer
  310. Você É Um Vicio (part. BDS) Cine
  311. Down Like Me Ken Stringfellow
  312. Walking My Daydream Tove Styrke
  313. Liebesschmerz Schiller
  314. Quedas Conmigo Cine
  315. Fire in the Canyon Fountains Of Wayne
  316. Sempre Assim Restart
  317. House We Used To Live In Smithereens
  318. Nanana Wonkavision
  319. The Fix Is In Ok Go
  320. Duas Medidas Peu Del Rey
  321. Jack's Got a Problem 20/20
  322. O Plano Mudou Wonkavision
  323. Enter Sandman Restart
  324. She's not the enemy Jason Falkner
  325. Do The Buildings And Cops Make You Smile? Bedroom Walls
  326. Je Vous En Prie Ken Stringfellow
  327. Lady Sweet Big Star
  328. You Can Make Your Mama Proud Fastball
  329. What's My Scene Hoodoo Gurus
  330. The Mentalist Splitsville
  331. You've Been So Good To Me So Far You Am I
  332. Comprimidos Wonkavision
  333. I Know Schiller
  334. Não Me Diga Restart
  335. I Don't Want To Lose You Smithereens
  336. Back From Kathmandu Ok Go
  337. Solitude Schiller
  338. Não Mais Cine
  339. I Wish I Never Met You Splitsville
  340. A Little More Us Stereo Skyline!
  341. Game Over Steve Rushton
  342. Carry On Bran Van 3000
  343. Fire Scape Fastball
  344. Uniforms Ken Stringfellow
  345. Eloquence Jason Falkner
  346. You Become The Dawn Ken Stringfellow
  347. Little White Lies Fastball
  348. Death Defying Hoodoo Gurus
  349. Delicately Yours Schiller
  350. Love Affair Boys Will Be Boys
  351. Eyes On Me Lets Get It
  352. I'm Not Bad, Just Drawn That Way I Hate My Ex
  353. Kangaroo Big Star
  354. Get Over It Ok Go
  355. Sorriso e Cor Cine
  356. Tão Linda Restart
  357. Decay Tove Styrke
  358. Soul Radio Fastball
  359. Are You Sleeping Hoodoo Gurus
  360. Errado Wonkavision
  361. Eu Pedi Você Restart
  362. Amnesia The Rubinoos
  363. It's Too Late Enuff Z'nuff
  364. Desire Schiller
  365. Quarantine My Heart (Baby) Powerspace
  366. Eu e Você Dehfrozy
  367. I Want An Alien For Christmas Fountains Of Wayne
  368. Mind The Spider Hoodoo Gurus
  369. Zanzibar Hoodoo Gurus
  370. The Wedding Song Hoodoo Gurus
  371. Cigarette Smithereens
  372. Baby Loves You Enuff Z'nuff
  373. T.R.N.E. Cine
  374. Good night sweet night Jason Falkner
  375. Nature Boy Big Star
  376. You're An Ocean Fastball
  377. Nothing Fastball
  378. Peace And Love Fountains Of Wayne
  379. Cajun Country Hoodoo Gurus
  380. Girl Like You All Night Dynamite
  381. Big Deal Hoodoo Gurus
  382. You Belong With Me I Hate My Ex
  383. Are You Ready For The Fallout? Fastball
  384. The Right Time Hoodoo Gurus
  385. Blood and roses Smithereens
  386. New Thing Enuff Z'nuff
  387. Runaway Enuff Z'nuff
  388. Sleepy Storm Schiller
  389. Stoned In Love Powerspace
  390. Uptown, Get Around Stereo Skyline!
  391. My Girl Stereo Skyline!
  392. Oh So Epic Select Start
  393. Champions Of Norrath Since Forever
  394. Coração de Vagabundo Chico Viola
  395. Work It Scotty Dynamo
  396. Só Mais Uma Vez Refresh
  397. Dare I Say Bran Van 3000
  398. Charlie, The Methadone Man Fastball
  399. Morning Star Fastball
  400. Where The Wind Don't Blow You Am I
  401. O Ímpar Perfeito Wonkavision
  402. Love To Hate You Squealer
  403. Royal Cine
  404. Holiday Jason Falkner
  405. Sweet Like A Champion A Band Of Bees
  406. Copo Descartável Chico Viola
  407. King Star YSIS
  408. Vou Dropar Only Way
  409. Mexican Wine Fountains Of Wayne
  410. Action Hero Fountains Of Wayne
  411. Nobody Hoodoo Gurus
  412. Who Turned Out The Lights You Am I
  413. Calling Sarah Jellyfish
  414. Dog On a Bone Enuff Z'nuff
  415. Sem fim Restart
  416. Pursuit Of Happiness The Rubinoos
  417. Eu Amei Você Eletroface
  418. A Place In The Sun Hoodoo Gurus
  419. He's My Best Friend Jellyfish
  420. For Now Enuff Z'nuff
  421. Innocence Enuff Z'nuff
  422. Who Is At My Window Weeping? Hey Rosetta
  423. Keep It Up Lets Get It
  424. Feline Fantasy Bran Van 3000
  425. She Comes Round Fastball
  426. Yolanda Hayes Fountains Of Wayne
  427. The Last Good Time Smithereens
  428. Beautiful Girl You Am I
  429. If We Can't Get It Together You Am I
  430. Damn Songs You Am I
  431. You want it so bad You Am I
  432. Quando 16 Wonkavision
  433. No For Me Wonkavision
  434. Goodbye, Goodbye Enuff Z'nuff
  435. Vem Aqui Cine
  436. Top Models Cine
  437. A Noite Inteira (part. Mc Guime) Cine
  438. Óculos (Cover) Restart
  439. Better be good The Rubinoos
  440. This Town A Band Of Bees
  441. Another Pilot Hey Rosetta
  442. Emergency Steve Rushton
  443. Falling Upstairs Fastball
  444. Till I Get It Right Fastball
  445. Supercollider Fountains Of Wayne
  446. 92 Subaru Fountains Of Wayne
  447. I Don't Want To Spoil The Party Smithereens
  448. In The Glass Ok Go
  449. I Wanna Stay Home Jellyfish
  450. Quer Saber? Cine
  451. Super Heroi Restart
  452. Let's Go! Dance! Banda Melody
  453. Fade Away Squealer
  454. What's Coming Schiller
  455. Dance! Cine
  456. Promise Me The Rubinoos
  457. A Thousand Suns Hey Rosetta
  458. Red Confederates' Red Confessions Hey Rosetta
  459. Million Pieces Tove Styrke
  460. This Day Bran Van 3000
  461. Slow Drag Fastball
  462. Ruby Apples in Stereo
  463. Dance Floor Apples in Stereo
  464. Der Anfang Schiller
  465. Diane Material Issue
  466. Shiu! Cine
  467. Sem Parar Restart
  468. Dancin Days/ Não quero dinheiro Restart
  469. Chemistry Stereo Skyline!
  470. Chaos Tove Styrke
  471. Lover For a Friend Hoodoo Gurus
  472. Miles From Nowhere Smithereens
  473. LiGHTNING LOVE AFFAIR The Rubinoos
  474. Chicken Payback A Band Of Bees
  475. Couch Surfer Bran Van 3000
  476. Sensation Smithereens
  477. A Nervous Kid You Am I
  478. A Noite Virou Dia (part. Lívia Augusto) Cine
  479. Fanfare in the garden Jason Falkner
  480. Miss understanding Jason Falkner
  481. My Life Is Right Big Star
  482. Cum On Feel The Noize Bran Van 3000
  483. I Get High Fastball
  484. Planet Of Weed Fountains Of Wayne
  485. Secrets You Am I
  486. A Garota Mais Wonkavision
  487. Believe In Love Enuff Z'nuff
  488. Leben... I Feel You Schiller
  489. I Was a Teenage Frankenstein Splitsville
  490. Take Care Ken Stringfellow
  491. Me & You Stereo Skyline!
  492. The (Pretty) Good Life Select Start
  493. Kizza Me Big Star
  494. Go Shoppin' Bran Van 3000
  495. Baby Clothes You Am I
  496. We're All Alright Enuff Z'nuff
  497. Build Me Up Buttercup Stereo Skyline!
  498. Play On (I'm The One) All Night Dynamite
  499. Love You YSIS
  500. Bright Future in Sales Fountains Of Wayne
  501. Jungle Bells Hoodoo Gurus
  502. William Wilson Smithereens
  503. Told You Once Apples in Stereo
  504. Pale Blue Eyes Schiller
  505. Tuesday Through Saturday Splitsville
  506. Whicked annabella Jason Falkner
  507. Dirty, Dirty Mess Lets Get It
  508. Resposta Skydrive
  509. Eu Quero Ver Você Dançar Flerte Rock
  510. Make Your Mama Proud Fastball
  511. Leilani Hoodoo Gurus
  512. In Zaire Squealer
  513. Voz No Canto Chico Viola
  514. Watch The Sunrise Big Star
  515. Warm Fuzzy Feeling Fastball
  516. Pizza Guy You Am I
  517. Tough To Have A Crush Ok Go
  518. The Man I Used to Be Jellyfish
  519. Without Your Love Enuff Z'nuff
  520. Close Enough Tove Styrke
  521. O Tempo Dehfrozy
  522. Nightime Big Star
  523. Hello, My Treacherous Friends Ok Go
  524. The World Is A Gutter Enuff Z'nuff
  525. I Saved You Schiller
  526. Afraid himself to be Jason Falkner
  527. Our Misunderstanding Fastball
  528. I'll Do The Driving Fountains Of Wayne
  529. Time Won't Let Me Smithereens
  530. She's Got a Way Smithereens
  531. Alembic You Am I
  532. The Rainbow Apples in Stereo
  533. Rejection Junkie (Version English) Wonkavision
  534. Return Ok Go
  535. My Heroin Enuff Z'nuff
  536. Life In The Slow Lane The Rubinoos
  537. New Goodbye Hey Rosetta
  538. Duck, Duck, Grey Goose Lets Get It
  539. Olha Pra Mim YSIS
  540. On A Level Tove Styrke
  541. Forest (International Version) Bran Van 3000
  542. Dark Street Fastball
  543. Hayride To Hell Hoodoo Gurus
  544. Behind The Wall Of Sleep Smithereens
  545. Arse Kickin' Lady From The Northwest You Am I
  546. A Good Idea At The Time Ok Go
  547. Ignorance Is Bliss Jellyfish
  548. Finger On The Trigger Enuff Z'nuff
  549. Eine Stunde Schiller
  550. This Letter Material Issue
  551. Manna Splitsville
  552. Author unknown Jason Falkner
  553. Plug Your Ears Hey Rosetta
  554. Agora é Minha Movelikethat
  555. Make It Right Scotty Dynamo
  556. Rock Star Bran Van 3000
  557. Damaged Goods Fastball
  558. Every Time She Walks Fastball
  559. Halley's Waitress Fountains Of Wayne
  560. Why So Sad? Hoodoo Gurus
  561. Only A Memory Smithereens
  562. I Want To Hold Your Hand Smithereens
  563. Adam's Ribs You Am I
  564. Rainfall Apples in Stereo
  565. Honey Jason Falkner
  566. Her Song Stephen Barnes
  567. Liability (Demo) Tove Styrke
  568. Seattle Fastball
  569. Just Another Place Fastball
  570. Strangers When We Meet Smithereens
  571. Alone At Midnight Smithereens
  572. Someone Else's Home You Am I
  573. Tanto Faz Wonkavision
  574. Falling Schiller
  575. Uma Historia Qualquer Cine
  576. Eu E O Mar Gabby Jachs
  577. Changed My Mind Tove Styrke
  578. Afrodiziak Bran Van 3000
  579. Survival Car Fountains Of Wayne
  580. A Hard Days Night Hoodoo Gurus
  581. Eternity Of A Day Squealer
  582. Korperbewegung Schiller
  583. Schritt Der Zeit Schiller
  584. Kim The Waitress Material Issue
  585. Word On The Street Boys Will Be Boys
  586. Mundo Tão Frio Gabby Jachs
  587. Acela Fountains Of Wayne
  588. Billy You Am I
  589. Stray You Am I
  590. I Left My Heart All Over The Place You Am I
  591. Better Days Apples in Stereo
  592. Pine Away Apples in Stereo
  593. Hot Little Summer Girl Enuff Z'nuff
  594. Thorn In My Side The Rubinoos
  595. A Verdade É A Unica Chave Gabby Jachs
  596. This World Will Eat You Alive I Hate My Ex
  597. Love Is Expensive And Free Fastball
  598. Freeloader Freddy Fastball
  599. Shortwave Fastball
  600. Sugar You Am I
  601. Questions And Answers Apples in Stereo
  602. Nothing To Believe Squealer
  603. Make Believe Enuff Z'nuff
  604. Bend Me,shape Me The Rubinoos
  605. A Gente Vai Lembrar Vegas Rock
  606. Astro Rei YSIS
  607. Mercenary Girl Fastball
  608. Funny How It Fades Away Fastball
  609. A Road Song Fountains Of Wayne
  610. Bittersweet Hoodoo Gurus
  611. Over Nothing Hoodoo Gurus
  612. Coprolalia You Am I
  613. To Die For (...Your Sins) Squealer
  614. Rendezvous The Rubinoos
  615. Parson Brown (upirngaangutuq Iqalunni) Hey Rosetta
  616. Welcome To The Party Banda Melody
  617. Caminhos do Mar YSIS
  618. Prose And Probability I Hate My Ex
  619. G.o.d. (Good Old Days) Fastball
  620. Charlie, The Methhadone Man Fastball
  621. Please Don't Ask Me To Smile You Am I
  622. Same Old Drag Apples in Stereo
  623. Let It Rain Ok Go
  624. Under The Cross Squealer
  625. Flashback Cine
  626. We Made A Pact Hey Rosetta
  627. Forget You Phone Calls From Home
  628. Hold Your Ground Select Start
  629. Bom Dia (agora Acabou) All Faces Up
  630. Embrace The Pain S-Core
  631. Montreal Bran Van 3000
  632. Which Way To The Top? Fastball
  633. Dead Sea Hoodoo Gurus
  634. If Only... Hoodoo Gurus
  635. Baroque Apples in Stereo
  636. Brinquedos Wonkavision
  637. Painful Lust Squealer
  638. Kitty Enuff Z'nuff
  639. Nicole (Daqui Até o Fim) Restart
  640. They put her in the movies Jason Falkner
  641. So Far Select Start
  642. Moça Peu Del Rey
  643. Pra Sempre Flerte Rock
  644. Stalker In Your Speaker Tove Styrke
  645. Red Dragon Tattoo Fountains Of Wayne
  646. End O' The Line You Am I
  647. Watcha Doin' To Me You Am I
  648. She Still Loves Him Jellyfish
  649. Missing You Enuff Z'nuff
  650. Long Enough For Me Enuff Z'nuff
  651. Caroline Knows Splitsville
  652. Follow me Jason Falkner
  653. Angryman A Band Of Bees
  654. Here's to The Future Ken Stringfellow
  655. Forever (Chris Brown Cover) Boys Will Be Boys
  656. Olhos Vendados Eneon
  657. Letters Moneta
  658. Stay Up All Night All Night Dynamite
  659. My Darling My Dear Stephen Barnes
  660. Estou Com Você YSIS
  661. Knock It Down Fastball
  662. This Guy's In Love With You Fastball
  663. Come On Hoodoo Gurus
  664. Everyone's To Blame You Am I
  665. Down Hill Enuff Z'nuff
  666. Habit Enuff Z'nuff
  667. Glad You Came Cine
  668. Deixa Chover Cine
  669. Binnel Bay A Band Of Bees
  670. This One's On You Ken Stringfellow
  671. Stop And Start Phone Calls From Home
  672. Stranded On A Desert Island With 3 Things. U, A Knife And A Reason To Use It Select Start
  673. Hand's To The Ceiling Select Start
  674. Glow In The Dark Lets Get It
  675. More Shopping Bran Van 3000
  676. Altamont Fastball
  677. Denise Fountains Of Wayne
  678. Trains And Boats And Planes Fountains Of Wayne
  679. Another World Hoodoo Gurus
  680. Son-Of-A-Gun Hoodoo Gurus
  681. Top Of The Morn' & Slip Of The Day You Am I
  682. Mr. Milk You Am I
  683. By My Own Hand You Am I
  684. Ei, Não é Por Mal Wonkavision
  685. Bye Bye Baby Ok Go
  686. O.K Cine
  687. Goodbye Toulouse Jason Falkner
  688. Can I The Rubinoos
  689. Lady Teresa Hey Rosetta
  690. Maravilhosa YSIS
  691. The Answer Bran Van 3000
  692. This Is Not My Life Fastball
  693. Vampires Fastball
  694. Angelie Fastball
  695. California Sex Lawyer Fountains Of Wayne
  696. Troubled Times Fountains Of Wayne
  697. No Vacation Apples in Stereo
  698. Aquele Alguém Wonkavision
  699. The Way Home / Coming Home Enuff Z'nuff
  700. Early Winter The Rubinoos
  701. No Trophy A Band Of Bees
  702. Comeback Of The Century Since Forever
  703. Shoot the Stars Down Stephen Barnes
  704. Halloween, Fate e Le Stelle YSIS
  705. Hotel Majestic Fountains Of Wayne
  706. Tojo Hoodoo Gurus
  707. Leilani pt.2 Hoodoo Gurus
  708. Under the flight path You Am I
  709. Strawberryfire Apples in Stereo
  710. Father Christmas (cover) Ok Go
  711. Der Prophet Schiller
  712. Dezembro Cine
  713. The Popular Splitsville
  714. Epitaph Hey Rosetta
  715. There's An Arc Hey Rosetta
  716. More Than You Know Stereo Skyline!
  717. Chuva Ou Sol Peu Del Rey
  718. Multidões YSIS
  719. Estrela, Me Beija Me Beija YSIS
  720. Come Hell or High Water I Hate My Ex
  721. Speed Bran Van 3000
  722. Old School Bran Van 3000
  723. Better Than It Was Fastball
  724. Wind Me Up Fastball
  725. Elaine Smithereens
  726. Get Up You Am I
  727. 20,000 You Am I
  728. Up a Ways You Am I
  729. Bedspring Kiss Jellyfish
  730. My Dear Dream Enuff Z'nuff
  731. Superstitious Enuff Z'nuff
  732. Above Me Cine
  733. Revelation Jason Falkner
  734. Punchbag A Band Of Bees
  735. Death is quick Hey Rosetta
  736. I've Been Asleep For A Long, Long Time Hey Rosetta
  737. Seventeen Hey Rosetta
  738. Maps Lets Get It
  739. Love Sick Lullabies Stephen Barnes
  740. Boomerang Fastball
  741. Whatever Gets You On Fastball
  742. Rampart Street Fastball
  743. Baby Can Dance (Pts. II-IV) Hoodoo Gurus
  744. The Mountain Hoodoo Gurus
  745. Drown In My Own Tears Smithereens
  746. Deliverance You Am I
  747. You Scare Me You Am I
  748. Good Mornin' You Am I
  749. Punkarella You Am I
  750. When You Got Dry You Am I
  751. Avril en Mai Apples in Stereo
  752. Love You Alice Apples in Stereo
  753. Rejection Junkie Wonkavision
  754. Women+Men Ok Go
  755. T's Song Ok Go
  756. Brighter Day Jellyfish
  757. Don't Fear Your Life Squealer
  758. Clown On The Town Enuff Z'nuff
  759. All Alone Enuff Z'nuff
  760. Trouble Material Issue
  761. O Meu Orgulho Cine
  762. All gods creatures Jason Falkner
  763. Road kill blues Jason Falkner
  764. Depois de Um Tempo Eneon
  765. Care A Little For Caroline Select Start
  766. Lembranças All Faces Up
  767. Uma Noite e Meia Peu Del Rey
  768. Supermodel Bran Van 3000
  769. She's Got The Rain Fastball
  770. Always Something Hoodoo Gurus
  771. Bring The Hoodoo Down Hoodoo Gurus
  772. Love Is Gone Smithereens
  773. Something New Smithereens
  774. Gone Gone Gone You Am I
  775. ...And Vandalism You Am I
  776. Gray You Am I
  777. Rosedale You Am I
  778. Benefits Of Lying (With Your Friend) Apples in Stereo
  779. Paranóia Wonkavision
  780. Shortly Before The End Ok Go
  781. Louisiana Land Ok Go
  782. Bye, Bye, Bye Jellyfish
  783. Let It Go Enuff Z'nuff
  784. You And I Enuff Z'nuff
  785. Everything Works If You Let It Enuff Z'nuff
  786. All Right Enuff Z'nuff
  787. See you again Jason Falkner
  788. 123 Forever The Rubinoos
  789. Perfect stranger The Rubinoos
  790. The Year You Were Born Hey Rosetta
  791. Black and Blue Stereo Skyline!
  792. Três Peu Del Rey
  793. Por Um Triz YSIS
  794. Life is White Big Star
  795. Fight At The Table Big Star
  796. Red Light Fastball
  797. Life Fastball
  798. Miss Freelove '69 Hoodoo Gurus
  799. Hayride To Hell pt.2 (The Showdown) Hoodoo Gurus
  800. One Look At You Smithereens
  801. Guys, Girls, Guitars You Am I
  802. Handwasher You Am I
  803. Rumble You Am I
  804. Be Prepared You Am I
  805. Amigo Por Um Dia Wonkavision
  806. Double-Dealing Wonkavision
  807. Low Budget Heroes Squealer
  808. These Daze Enuff Z'nuff
  809. Marie Enuff Z'nuff
  810. Out Right Now Material Issue
  811. Polo Cine
  812. Chica Radical Cine
  813. Became anita captured Jason Falkner
  814. The Start A Band Of Bees
  815. Yer Fall Hey Rosetta
  816. That Everything Stereo Skyline!
  817. Heroes Of The Game Select Start
  818. Kiss Your Genre Goodbye Select Start
  819. Circled Areas (Make This Count) Since Forever
  820. Santa's Playlist Lets Get It
  821. Vou Estar Vegas Rock
  822. Amore e Passione YSIS
  823. Assim Pra Mim Não Dá YSIS
  824. Emozioni YSIS
  825. Feel Real S-Core
  826. For You Big Star
  827. Eater Fastball
  828. White Noise Fastball
  829. Sick Day Fountains Of Wayne
  830. Hat And Feet Fountains Of Wayne
  831. She's Got a Problem Fountains Of Wayne
  832. Gene Hackman Hoodoo Gurus
  833. All I Know Hoodoo Gurus
  834. Form A Circle Hoodoo Gurus
  835. Head In The Sand Hoodoo Gurus
  836. Nothing's Changing My Life Hoodoo Gurus
  837. Evening Shade Hoodoo Gurus
  838. Afternoon Tea Smithereens
  839. Ain't Gone And Open You Am I
  840. Heavy Comfort You Am I
  841. Count to Four You Am I
  842. Tin Pan Alley Apples in Stereo
  843. Rebobinar Wonkavision
  844. Muppets Theme Ok Go
  845. Make Your Day Squealer
  846. The Wanderer Squealer
  847. Renee Remains the Same Material Issue
  848. Dancing In The Future Powerspace
  849. These Are The Ghosts A Band Of Bees
  850. Caution! Girls Stereo Skyline!
  851. Pouco Pra Mim Banda Melody
  852. Rule #1 Of Sound Since Forever
  853. Interesses All Faces Up
  854. Com você Vegas Rock
  855. Dom de Se Dar Peu Del Rey
  856. Noah and Noah's Ark Stephen Barnes
  857. All The People YSIS
  858. Pra Sonhar Com Você YSIS
  859. É a Copa No Brasil YSIS
  860. Depressive am I S-Core
  861. What's Going Ahn Big Star
  862. Human Torch Fastball
  863. Emily Fastball
  864. Somebody Take Me Home Hoodoo Gurus
  865. Crazy Mixed-up Kid Smithereens
  866. Hourly, Daily You Am I
  867. Sound As Ever You Am I
  868. Superpoder Wonkavision
  869. What To Do Ok Go
  870. Hush Jellyfish
  871. My Last Goodbye Squealer
  872. Wheels Enuff Z'nuff
  873. Jealous Guy Enuff Z'nuff
  874. Loser Of The World Enuff Z'nuff
  875. 5am Cine
  876. Ponce de Leon Splitsville
  877. Choose Your Own Adventure Powerspace
  878. I go astray Jason Falkner
  879. You don't know her The Rubinoos
  880. Your Favorite Song Stereo Skyline!
  881. Sexy Banda Melody
  882. Wait To See This Phone Calls From Home
  883. If You Fall (Fall In Love) Select Start
  884. Millenium Falkor (Stay Up) Lets Get It
  885. Sua Música All Faces Up
  886. Encontro Vegas Rock
  887. Amo Você YSIS
  888. Na Trilha do Sol YSIS
  889. Mr. F I Hate My Ex
  890. Hardrockin' Cincinnati Bran Van 3000
  891. Stillness Bran Van 3000
  892. Louie Louie Fastball
  893. Love Doesn't Kill You Fastball
  894. Good Times Hoodoo Gurus
  895. Down On Me Hoodoo Gurus
  896. Waking Up Tired Hoodoo Gurus
  897. Only In America Hoodoo Gurus
  898. Downbound Train Smithereens
  899. In a Lonely Place Smithereens
  900. How Much Is Enough? You Am I
  901. Jewels And Bullets You Am I
  902. Changing The End Wonkavision
  903. Pumadidas Wonkavision
  904. Any Time At All Ok Go
  905. Facing The Death Squealer
  906. Thoughts Squealer
  907. For You Girl Enuff Z'nuff
  908. Joan Of Arc Splitsville
  909. JENNIFER The Rubinoos
  910. Wash In The Rain A Band Of Bees
  911. Photos Of You Phone Calls From Home
  912. Fade Out Lets Get It
  913. Shine Moneta
  914. Enquanto o Sol Não Nasce Vegas Rock
  915. Andando na Rua YSIS
  916. Será que você vem YSIS
  917. World Party Bran Van 3000
  918. Lou-ee, Lou-ee Fastball
  919. A Fine Day For a Parade Fountains Of Wayne
  920. The Girl I Can't Forget Fountains Of Wayne
  921. Middle Of The Land Hoodoo Gurus
  922. Domino Hoodoo Gurus
  923. Jaimme's Got A Gal You Am I
  924. Cathy's Clown You Am I
  925. Judge Roy You Am I
  926. Thank God I've Hit The Bottom You Am I
  927. Ah! É Assim? Wonkavision
  928. Toys Wonkavision
  929. A farsa que eu fracasso em ser Wonkavision
  930. Everything Material Issue
  931. Amplifire Powerspace
  932. You Got To Leave A Band Of Bees
  933. Stop Calling Me Boys Will Be Boys
  934. Never Stop Moving Select Start
  935. Have Mercy Select Start
  936. All My Life Lets Get It
  937. I Don't Know Big Star
  938. Always Never Fastball
  939. I Don't Mind Hoodoo Gurus
  940. Where Nowhere Is Hoodoo Gurus
  941. Blue Period Smithereens
  942. It's a Boy Smithereens
  943. All Revved Up Smithereens
  944. Opportunities You Am I
  945. Junk You Am I
  946. The Applecross Wing Commander You Am I
  947. It Ain't Funny That We Don't Talk Anymore You Am I
  948. Y2K Apples in Stereo
  949. Power Bossa Wonkavision
  950. Pills Wonkavision
  951. Write a note Wonkavision
  952. Now She Knows She's Wrong Jellyfish
  953. Nowhere To Hide Squealer
  954. Esse Aqui É Mais Um (Sonho) (part. Jay Vaquer) Cine
  955. É Tudo Nosso Cine
  956. Forever Splitsville
  957. A Minha Menina A Band Of Bees
  958. The Dogs Life Bedroom Walls
  959. When It's Over Now Phone Calls From Home
  960. Rest Your Head Here Select Start
  961. She's Everything Select Start
  962. Jeito Sem Jeito Chico Viola
  963. Ausente Vegas Rock
  964. Um novo tempo pra nós 2 YSIS
  965. R. Vince Smith S-Core
  966. Give Me Another Chance Big Star
  967. Sooner Or Later Fastball
  968. Barbara H. Fountains Of Wayne
  969. Death In The Afternoon Hoodoo Gurus
  970. Quicksand Hoodoo Gurus
  971. What's In It For Me? Hoodoo Gurus
  972. Purple Sneakers You Am I
  973. Damage You Am I
  974. Trike You Am I
  975. You Said That Last Night Apples in Stereo
  976. Super-Homem Wonkavision
  977. When 16 Wonkavision
  978. O Fora Wonkavision
  979. Russian Hill Jellyfish
  980. Friends For Life Squealer
  981. Kiss The Clown Enuff Z'nuff
  982. Mary Anne Lost Her Baby Enuff Z'nuff
  983. Mr. Jones Enuff Z'nuff
  984. Casino Cine
  985. If I Could Cine
  986. Splitsville Spirit Song Splitsville
  987. I Put the 'Abs' In Abstinence Powerspace
  988. Miracle Medicine Jason Falkner
  989. The plan Jason Falkner
  990. Fireball The Rubinoos
  991. Summer Days Banda Melody
  992. Rogue Select Start
  993. Me Entenda Chico Viola
  994. Ciroc And Roll Lets Get It
  995. Ja Era Vegas Rock
  996. Chuva de Estrelas YSIS
  997. Um só coração YSIS
  998. Jean Leloup's Dirty Talk Bran Van 3000
  999. Goodbye Fastball
  1000. Sweetwater, Texas Fastball