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Speacial One


Verse 1: I lay here and think
About when we met
At the skatin' rink
Now I think about you day and night
Because I think you are my special one
And I'm always right
And a day never goes by
That I don't wonder why
Why I think you are the one for me
Maybe you just might be

Chorus: You are my angel (Baby)
Sent from above
I have nothing for you
But love
You have shown me the light
Now I think about you everynight

Verse 2: I peeped you peeping me just the other day
I was so happy
Everything was going my way
So when I got home I called you on the phone
I wanted to see you
And I was all alone
I knew I had to tell you
Just the way I feel
Don't be surprised
Just keep it real

Chorus 2x

Bridge: Since the day we met
I could never forget
And I knew from then you were my special one
And from this day on
All our games are done
Now you know the deal
Baby we can do this
But you gotta keep it real

Chorus (fade out)

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