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Verse 1: Weve been here before
With our hearts confused
Saying were out of love
Left feeling abused
Can you ever say
That I never gave you love
Gave you whatever
And I did it because

Chorus: I love you
More than life itself
And I need you
Because I cant love no one else
And whenever
You cant deal with life anymore
Ill be here
Remember forevermore

Verse 2: I was there from the beginning
And Ill be there in the end
No matter what you do in life
To me you will always win
I always knew inside
That you were meant for me
And that comforts me now
Because we cant be


Bridge: Forevermore
Doesnt mean well be together here today
Means loving through eternity
Is what we will one day achieve
Is the day you will belong to me
I'll love you forevermore


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