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So Sad (Still In Love)


Verse1(F) : I woke up this morning
Started to cry
The pain I feel is so intense
I wanna lay here and die
See I made you my world
And you broke my heart
How could someone I held so dear
Tear my world apart

Chorus: (F): Now it's so sad
Cus I'm still in love (M: Cus I'm still in love)
(M) Too bad
That I'm still in love (F: Still in love)
(F): Gotta move on
But I'm still in love (M: me too)
(B): And its so sad
It's just too bad
Cus we're still in love

Verse 2 (M): Never meant to hurt you
Baby i just want you to understand
I knew I couldnt do you right
All I wanted, was to be the perfect man
So one day I decided
It was time for me to leave
I never knew I'd come runnin back
And now I'm beggin you please


(F) Now I know
Like you know
That you never wanted to
Let this thing go
So why did you pretend
That we needed to end
When you knew we'd be
Right back here again
(M) See it wasn't like that
I needed some time to myself
But you never knew
Cus you were wrapped up in yourself
You never tried to make this thing
Work for you
Or work out for me
(F) But all this doesn't matter
We can fix this because
You know more than me
That we're both still in love


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