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Let Me Breathe


Verse 1:
Even though you said that you loved me
You never cared about me
You always knew in your heart Id be there
You never thought Id want to be free
But now that I have met him
And he changed my world around
You cant play the same sad song
Because my heart has a new sound
I need you let me breathe
Because I cant be with you
I need you to let me breathe
Because the thought of you make me blue
Im much happier with him
So you need to let me be
I need you to let me breathe
So that my mind can be free
Verse 2:
Now I know it hurts you to hear this
But I cant play this game no more
All the times that you loved me then leave me
Im finally walking out the door
He treats me like a queen
And thats more then I can say for you
He knows me front to back
And I know that his heart is true!
Hook 2x
Ive seen this happen
Way too many times
You say you love me
Then turn around and say goodbye
I got a new man
And hes gonna treat me right
You never loved me
Left me crying a many of nights
And now Im through
Im done with you
Its time for me to leave
Baby let me breathe

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