There's A Light Beyond These Woods

Nanci Griffith

There's a light beyond these woods, Mary Margaret.
Do you think that we will go there,
And see what makes it shine Mary Margaret?
It's almost morning, and we've talked all night.
You know we've made big plans for ten-years-old, you and I.

Have you met my new boyfriend, Margaret?
His name is John, and he rides my bus to school,
And he holds me hand.
He's fourteen, he's my older man.
But we'll be the best of friends,
The three of us, Margaret, John and I.

Let's go to New York City, Margaret!
We'll hide out in the subways,
And drink the poets' wine, oh,
But I had John, so you went and I stayed behind,
But you were home in time for the senior prom,
When we lost John.

The fantasies we planeed, I'm living them now,
All the dreams we sang when we knew how,
Well, they haven;t changed.
There's never been two friends like you and me, Mary Margaret.

It's nice to see your family growing, Margaret.
Your daughter and your husband there,
They really treat you right
But we've talked all night
And what about the light,
That glowed beyond our woods when we were ten?
You were the rambler then.

The fantasies we planned, well, Maggie, I'm living them now.
All the dreams we sang, oh, we damn sure knew how
But I haven't changed.
There'll never be two friends like you and me,
Maggie, can't you see?

There's a light beyond your woods, Mary Margaret.

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Written by: Mary Margaret / Nanci Griffith. Isn't this right? Let us know.