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Hatred unto Death


I'm searching deep within myself
In hopes that I will find
The beast that kills my every thought
It lives within my mind
Icannot take this anymore
I'll fight this curse I hate
It eats away at all my life
I pray it's not too late

You're standing there before me
Can't understand what you want
Well you're the beast within me
You crucify & you taunt
You know you can't control me
My hatred rules over you
I can't take all this misuse
and all the cruel things you do

I can't control it
This hatred unto death
I've got to fight iy
This hatred unto death

I'll take my sword & my dagger
We're gonna fight to the end
This match could go on forever
Don't try to lie & pretend
These chains of hate don't scare you
My quest for freedom is clear
Your lust for pain just kills me
You laugh & say you don't care

I can't control it
This hatred unto death
I've got to fight it
This hatred unto death

You can't escape,can't run away
Your time is up now you must pay
I'll rip your flesh,& squeeze you dry
You can beg & plead but you must die

Well,now you've seen it coming
This time you cannot deny
My mind is free forever
Your time has come now to die
My sword destroyed this hatred
My dagger sent it away
This life I'm free to live now
I'll have to take day by day

I now control it
This hatred unto death
It's gone forever
This hatred unto death

This hatred unto death
I'm free at last to live my life
With no hatred unto death

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Written by: Bruse Vitale / Matt Karagus / Mike Vescera. Isn't this right? Let us know.