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Desperate to Survive


I am shadowed by what seems to be the end
Aware my hopes will only pretend
To silence the voices I hear calling me
And forcing me to face the truths to be

I refuse to accept my fate and not believe
There's no escape - I'm desperate to survive

For I'm alone and a captive of my past
Solitude my penance is cast
For vicious memories, taunt my piece of mind
I feel helpless and despair, a victim of time

I just have to stay alive - there's nowhere to run
Nowhere to hide - I'm desperate to survive
Will time stand still for me - I'm desperate to survive

I can't take this torment
I can't take the thought I have to stay
Forever inside my terror
There lives all the sins I must repay
I'm trapped by suffering, so tragic
I can't take this pain
So lost in my sorrow, so endless
It's too hard to maintain

I'm desperate to survive - will time
Stand still for me - I'm desperate to survive

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