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Too Wild to Tame


Wild looking lady, does she
Know that you're alive
She's got what you're wanting
It'll waste your mind
On her love you thrive
So used and abused
Is there no end to this girls attack
She'll tell you, she needs you
Look out for that knife in your back

She's got fire in her eyes
Are those lips of steel
Could she be machine
Street wise city girl
She'll take on all the world
Can't you see, she'll say what she means

She'll take all the good things
And turn them bad
But that is nothing new
With her teeth marks still in you
Can't you see, she is evil right through

If you try to stop her
Teach her right from wrong
You'll be playing her game
It's a losing battle
To teach her right from wrong
She is too wild to tame

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