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The Fields Of Summer


She was there, sitting on the stairs
Waiting for her groom
In the fields of summer

As he came, whispering her name
She was whisteling a tune
In the fields of summer

She said "I love you more than ever"
As they layed down in the flowers
He said "I do" while he was holding her tight
In the fields of summer that night

Every night, laying by his side
In his arms she cried
In the fields of summer

Then the day came he had to say
"I have to go away
from our fields of summer"

He said: "My brothers will be going to war
And I will follow"
He said: "I'll be back, don't you cry anymore,
I'll be back before the winter has come"

When the battle was raging
He was shot down on the floor
They were trying to save him
But the fire caught them all
And the letter he had written to her
Was burning before his eyes

It said: "I'll be back on september the third
And I'll see you in the fields of summer that night"

Winter came, birds had flown away
She was dreaming every day
Of the fields of summer

And the snow was covering the road
Whitening the field
That were green in summer

She said: "I know he'll be returning"
As she was putting on her make up
She said: "Today I'll be together with him"
She went out in the snow
And noone ever saw her again

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