This is some dancing party.
All of the stars and the moon have fallen.
What did you see down at the fountain?
I looked for it once, but never again.
Where were you when the lights faded?
I chased the girl with the pills in her purse.
They set a fire to the great statue
I watched it go down, and it bored me to tears.

And I watched you with my camera over thousand miles of road.
But you always left me waiting on the phone...

This is the one that I wanted forever.
She stood at the door with her ten-dollar grin.
Morning I woke up, and I blamed the weather:
She held me outside, but wouldn't come in.
So plug in the stars, they'll shine like electric.
The party is over 'cause no one can sing.
Though I was happy, then I started thinking.
Distance can't bridge even simpler things.

Up, up, higher and higher.
I'll climb the walls but I'll tumble back down.
Lord, how I wish I had wings.
(Lord, how I wish I could fly...)

If time is the rope that ties us together,
The clock on the wall has a globe of its own.
Thought I was happy, then I started drinking.
And then I would see you come sailing back home.
Back home.

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