See him sitting with his head down low
He can't figure what it's all about
His emotion, it is never known
You can't hear what he cannot let out
See a mirror in a young girl's hand
She doesn't like what she can see
Looking deeper than appearance can
The heartache paints a picture of deceit

This is life
This is still our only chance
I will look up to the sky
Hear the music, I can dance

And all I want is a place
Where I can hang out with my friends
Where the music is loud enough
The nighttime never ends
And all I need is an arm
Around my shoulder on my way
Did you say that the love of God
Can hold my heart
Can wash my fears away

See them walk together hand in hand
The rules are changing every time they blink
What life is teaching they don't understand
So it's easier if they try not to think
Seen the fury, they have seen the fire
He controls the air and sky and sea
Life is hanging by a tiny wire
Still the love of God is powerful and free

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