This is so quiet, it's like a ghost town
The mist is thick and you can't hear a sound
Searching for your daughter you can't see anybody
Your eyes are blind and the snow is falling down

They bring you monsters and pain
Taken by agony and hate
This story has too many ends
And you must find the right way

Uncanny fog now is taken by the darkness
Two strange worlds, black magic breaks the silence
They want your child to make a sacrifice
Flauros will help you at the right time

She cannot be alive
You pray: "It's just a nightmare night"
Samael will take your lives
Be strong if you want to survive

In the Silent Hill - Your screams will never be heard
In the Silent Hill - Your fear tries to control
In the Silent Hill - They want your daughter soul
In the Silent Hill - Yourself is your only hope


Down in "Nowhere" you find the final door
You need the five keys to save your daughter soul
Ankh, Crest of Mercury, Disk of Ouroborus
Amulet of Salomen, Dagger of Melchior

And now you have a monster to kill
That took the body of a suffering kid
The power of thunder is there
And you cannot be afraid


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Written by: Satan / Schmidt / Scopel / Souza. Isn't this right? Let us know.