Peaceful one,
It's time to take your life away.
Loving liars, lost in blissful soul decay.
Blood is falling, torched lives of misery.
You can't even comprehend,
Why we cause you so much pain.
Selfishness, self-righteousness and greed.
We learn so much but we don't conceive.
Kill my thoughts of harmony.
Peaceful one you give so much but don't receive.
Life a precious gift to through away,
Killing for humanity.
Like a master and his slave,
Cut the thought and dig the grave.
Death the drug of which we feed,
Blind because there is no real need,
For the flesh of which we crave,
That's how we've been taught to behave.
Kill no more.
Stop this ritual misery.
Lives are not a tool for humanity.
When compassion is the flag of which we raise.
We all can be the masters,
No more slaves.
We are being lied to.

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