Father, i miss you.
Stone white face,
I kissed you.
You laid there
I thought you were sleeping,
But you are never coming back again.
I miss you.
Father did i know you.
Your pictures paint my memories.
You left me while i was sleeping.
I never got the chance to say good bye.
I love you.
I raised a wall to this pain,
Just a habit for keeping me clean.
I wish that i could come clean,
To wash my self away clean.
Vase made of metal grown over with crab grass.
Blamed you for everything hide behind sorrow.
It's me, it's free,
These walls become handicapped words to dry tears.
This pain is the same,
The same as it ever was,
The same as it ever will be.
I see the error in my ways.
Just a habit of shifting the blame.
My love for you is the same,
And my memories all will be clean.
Father are you proud of me.

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