Open my eyes
I can see the lives of the millions that need to be free.
Open my heart and i can feel the pain of the lives who's oppressions are real.
Pain of the millions of innocent victims you and me
We're just chained to a system striving just for ourselves
We'll never see when lives are oppressed no one is free.
So overwhelmed we don't want to help because
We're to busy oppressing ourselves leave the problems in our leaders hand
While their killing off people in far off lands enforcement of freedom
Is what they said how can that help when more just end up dead.
Tell me what you don't see and show me what you don't know it's not your pain
So you don't feel it's not your life so it's not real.
I oppose your hate
I oppose your war
So many will die tell me what for.
African people locked up in cages
But we're used to it it's gone on for ages
The need to be above equality the need to feel superiority is tearing us down
And we wont return if this hate keeps building
The world will burn dividing us up by our races judging
What's inside by our faces gets so confusing
It's hard to tell what's right inside i know better than to fight.

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