You take and outta luck kid with the weight of the world crashin down on the backs of his shoulders

And a white trash girl with no high school degree getting married in the local bar

Neither one had a plan or a helping hand no one there to guide their way

On the road won't look back on this dead end town their gonna burn that bridge today

Around midnight they called it quits for the night around four a.m. they turned in

That little roach motel they tried to wake em up early but were fightin bourbon whiskey and gin

Headed west through the hills down the back road late with just a prayer and half a tank of gas

All the folks back home they just shook their heads those damn kids don't stand a chance

No one there to bail them out this time no one there to lean on to

No one there to pass false judgment on their little upstart family

Took a job tending bar at a local pub for thirty five dollars a day

Overnight at the train yard packing freight he never pictured his life this way

But now he's got two kids to feed and a mortgage that can't be late

On his own won't look back better luck tomorrow gotta fight for one more day

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