Don't call me a Liar

The Killigans

We're closing in on the end of a year's vacation we're letting go of a grudge that was never there

Premeditation a false revelation missing pages from my vocabulary

A school yard prank gone wrong they held him down too long

The waters stopped your pals no longer breathing

Don't call me a liar don't call me your friend

just know that I'll be the one left standing when you're through cashing your chips in

don't call me a liar don't call me your friend

just take a long hard look at your problems tell me I caused the mess you're in

the sun will rise another day we'll forget these accusations

a thousand miles on down this road leading us to nowhere

back in my younger years I lacked real motivation no understanding of what was out there

the only difference today is that now I'm fully aware of the exact same god dammed situation

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