Adieu to you my Dinah, a thousand times adieu
For we're going away from the holy ground and the girls we all love true
We will sail the salt seas over and then return for sure,
To see again the girls we love, and the holy ground once more

You're the girl I do adore!
And still I live in hopes to see
The holy ground once more

I see the storm clouds rising, I see it coming soon,
And the sky it is so cloudy you can scarcely see the noon,
The poor old ship is tossing about and the rigging is all torn
And still I live in hopes to see the holy ground once more

And now the storm is over and we are safe on shore
We will drink and toast to the Holy Ground and the girls that we adore
We will drink strong ale and porter, and we'll make the rafters roar
And when our money is all spent we will go to sea once more

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