Apathetic notions of the world politic surround me
Elitist versions of equality implanted in my head
Carrot hung before the populace
Shining promises of opportunity
But for me, the son of a poor man
The luster fades away

And as the truth washes over me, like some unholy religion
I look on, in stunned silence, at the mess that we're now in

Realization, it hits me like a brick, and shatters my indifference
Faith alone won't help to stem the tide,
So though it's over, my wits stay sober, even as the waves come crashing down
Scream into the night I'm still alive

Survival in our beloved country, it thrives on subjugation
In order for one man to succeed, he'll drag a million down
Most of us exploited by the rich,
do not realize we've put the yoke on our own necks
We are told are lives are worth a certain wage
and we don't question it at all

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