Standing on the deck, it seems the moon is turning brighter
After eight months out to sea, I think I've gone insane
On the 21st of May, our ship sailed from Nantucket
Cutting through still waters of the night
At six and thirty men, the Town Ho's whaling out of sight

And we'll never find our way
For our sins we cannot pay

Steelkilt lay low
What's that pump stopped for
Damn your eyes said the mate, now you better turn to
Steelkilt lay low, break you backs now lads
Look away look away
Steelkilt lay low
For the Lake Man's soul
Being flogged on the deck was more than he could bear
Steelkilt lay low
You're haunted by old Radney's Ghost, Radney's Ghost

Ole Rad was dropped with a punch spouted blood just like a whale
And Steelkilt called for the Canallers ere the crew could take him down
Cried the Captain from the deck, "Ye pirates, ye cutthroats
You're sure to burn in hell for what you've done
And I'd be glad to send you there, to the riggings with you till the morning sun!"

Well Radney, poor Radney met his end in the jaws of what he hunted
In the whale's teeth the men watched his shirt like a bloody banner wave
And though the Town Ho sailed on, and no one shed a tear
And the Lake Man was spared his murderous fate
Still his memory stayed behind, Steelkilt was haunted till the end of his days

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