Ninety miles an hour, down this interstate
Driving on my last twenty dollars of gas
Got everything I own inside this Chevrolet
Going nowhere and that needle's dropping fast

That woman broke my heart in St. Louis
Shot 'em both and drove into the west after the sun
I'm chasing down my soul on my way to hell
Engine's burning oil and I've got nowhere to run

As the daylight turns to dusk and that road keeps going further
Yeah my guilt comes washing over me
And with every breath I take you know those demons that I chase
Go ever free

And so I , buckle down and keep that engine whining
Running headlong to escape my destiny
There's no going back my candles burning at both ends
On that old road down

Its midnight and I'm just outside of Santa Fe
Flat tire and my conscience finally got me off the road
I drop down to my knees and I start to pray
Don't know if you're up there but I've got a heavy load

At long last yeah, the devil has caught up with me
Whispers in my ear, with every mile you're bound for hell
I'm asking you now Lord for deliverance
Take me from perdition, yeah with you to dwell

But the only sounds I hear are from the coyotes on the hillside
Yeah, their voices make a mournful harmony
Now I know that He is listening guess he don't want to take a chance
On the likes of me

If I could somehow beckon to the grace of God
Prove that I am truly repentant
I tell myself there must be something I could try
I do not run in vain
My life is not worthless

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