I was introduced to the white girl /
I was introduced to the green girl /
I was introduced to the yellow haired /
Polka dotted fly triple stack /
Twenty-five dollar bill girl /

I'm introduced to the brown girl /
I was introduced to the paper girl /
I was introduced the liquid form /
Come on now stick it where it's warm baby /
Just don't turn away /

I hear the music and I feel the soul /
Now get your green together /
Cause it's time to roll /
I know the color's swirlin acid takin its toll /
But if you wanna be free /
Well you can never go home /

Cause I refuse to take the time /
Not to lay it on the line /
White girl get it from the front /
Green girl take it from behind /
With all this shit, from all I've seen /
Nothing or something, it's all green /

It's dedicated to the lady who kept me up in the night time /
Enabled me to write rhymes /
And hit me with them white lines /
And high times, better for sure know I'm down till the casket falls /
While I'm blowing reefer rings of smoke /
The size of basketballs /
And I got the method if you want it come and get it /
I bet it will be the most unregrettable chemical ever /
Making you feel like you was sittin' on top of the world /
And giving props to all of my colors and all of my girls /

So much in a name /
So much more in you /

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