Went sailin on a voyage /
Over through the mountain and the sea /
I heard the music that was comin with originality /
I heard the waves /
And when they're crashin with the perfect melody /
Well that's the reason / That I'm chillin with my girl down by the beach /


I got my lover, I got my stereo/
It's all that really matters /
When you're thinking about it all /
I got my guitar and I got someplace to go /
And that's the reason I'm chllin on a Sunday afternoon /
In Mexico /

I got my lover and I see her under moonlight on the shore /
I'm feelin so good I don't know if I can take it anymore /
And that's the reason I'm chillin on a Monday morning /
In Ocho Rios /
biding my time /

We landed on an island brimming with the possibility /
That I would one day see beyond /
The lonely mountain and the sea /
I heard a guitar it was playin with the perfect melody /
And that's the reason /
that I'm chillin with my girl down by the beach /

biding my time /

We sailin on a voyage over to the sea /
And suddenly I feel the music /
As it's coming over me /
And once again it's happening to be the best thing I can sea /
The more I see the shore /
The more I feel like it was meant to be /

And so I roll with the rip tide /
I hit you with the hip glide /
I dive right into the sea and see you on the flipside /
Searching for the perfect hottest burning beach around /
Nowhere to be found /
Sitting in Ocho Rios and getting down /


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