You know I got a habit it ain't gonna lead nowhere
Except to the many legions of the people with a problem
But nobody cares
'Cause all I do is
Sit and dream about drinkin and women and music
It's just gonna
Give me another reason to use and abuse it
But still I gotta

I live and I learn all I wanna do is burn down
And so I light it up

I live and I learn all I wanna do is burn

You know I got alot of wrongs to right
I been fightin, lying, cheatin on you every night
I got a habit yo I'm bad at it but it's alright
'Cause in the end I wanna be the one holding you tight
But I got to hold on make way
I said the drinking and the women and the music got me crazy
But I'm addicted
Uplifted, now I just can't stop
Yo she's all that I need
Everything that I got ya know

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Written by: Jordan Miller / Josh Swain. Isn't this right? Let us know.