How could I ever bear witness to a man /
Who comes running down to the other side of reason /
And jumps up with a gun in his hand /

How could I ever solemnly swear to no end /
That the man that I was seeing /
The man that I saw was bleeding /
Was leading me to the promise land /

I said now hold on /

How could I ever scream to the top of my lungs /
Without making a noise I'm not taking a voice /
I ain't sounding like every other one /
How could I ever dare to close my eyes /
Open up another side /
Find time /
Just take it as it comes and leave it a surprise /
I said now hold on /

No way, no how /
Music is the only way I throw down /
But I want to know now /
How could I go down with you /

How could I ever stand firm on your solid ground /
And rise up to the fear /
Never holding my ear when the roaring of the canon sounds /
You fire one shot /
It never touch my body /
How could I ever be so sincere /
We never runnin, never duckin /
From the gunman /
And the words ring so clear /
Now and they say /

Got a little story for you /
But if all the people /
They stop listening /
Then what can anybody do /
I've got a story for you /
Are you listening /

People wanna touch us /
Wanna take us /
Wanna rush us /
But they never gonna shake our sound /
They fake it and we make it /

Strip us down naked /
But can they ever break us down /
No /


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