Oh mr policeman
Oh my partner in crime
Oh you better watch out the music gonna come see you tonight
Oh my mystery woman
Oh that star in my sky
Oh i said please, lift your head up baby
Please don't be so shy

My heart
My head
My only regret
To let it show
Is it me or is it you
(repeat) 1x

Playtime is over
The show is begun
The storyteller's in the building babies throw up your ones
The shogun
The new school dropping the bomb verse rap attacking the masses have em kissing my converse
The beat drops
The knees knock
The rest is history the coolest lyrics coming off the lips
I'm listerine
16, sicker than you after a fifth of jim beam
Type of track to piss the parents off
Make the kids scream
It seems
Finally my dream's about to take off
Fighting tooth and nail to find the route to rock your face off dog
Reach the finish line
I ain't even done yet
I'm re-raising the bar
Spitting these lyrical gun threats
So come test
The up and coming undisputed champion
Leave with a nose bleed
And a mouthful of ambien
Wide awake waiting to take over
Honey hush that fuss
Playtime is over

Chorus (2x)

I'm on my way
I'll write home everyday
And i'll call you on the phone
So you'll never feel alone
And you'll be ok

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