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I've come to realize
I am my own worst enemy
Each day I must wage a war, a war on myself
Voices of doubt beckon me
Demons inside won't let me be
The anxiety builds

As I face another day
I know what lies ahead
The uneasiness comes as I
Force myself out of bed
The triumphs of yesterday
Mean nothing to me now
And with each step that I take
The battle rages on

Self doubt is my cause
I search for an easy way
Just to get through the day
Can't think about tomorrow-not yet
I'll take things as they come
I have no one to fail
No one but me-no one

I've come to realize
Inner strength conquers all
And that I can't ever say I give up
I can suppress the demons
I can prevail if I'm strong
No intimidation, hesitation, deprivation

I will prevail if I'm strong

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