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Sudden Impact

The Spudmonsters

Scarred inside
No cure in sight
Verbal strife
Cuts like a knife

Before I slip
Please come and arrest me
So many times
I've resorted to hostility
What's with me
When I feel the heat
I look back at a time
Filled with innocence
The memories
And all that it meant
It's been destroyed
Self control's what I need

The mind is restless
To subdue is like
Controlling the wind
So much invested
Thrown away
Now our words pay

My tongue is weak
Speaking up
And against me
It's saying things
That I know that
I should never say
It's made me weak
I need some time to think
Just turn your back
And forget me
In all due time
It will come to
Surpass me
Hard like a fist
The words are received

Your tongue can be
Your worst enemy
With it's own mind
It can run so free
Without much thought
It can bring you down
With foot in mouth
Brought right to the ground
IT comes back
Time and time again
Our words are hostile
Whirling in the wind
Our composure
Is what we need
As affinity

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