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The law of the material world
It goes like this
Everything is temporary-all life
It comes into being
Stays for some time
Produces some by-products
Dwindles and vanishes

What's the deal
Why are we here
Trapped inside this body
This body carries the soul
That's right-it's just a shell
So many think we are this body
But we're not
It's what we are inside that counts
Why are we proud

Now I know why I cannot resist
In tune with nature's way
I walked a crooked path alone
I thought I could get there on my own
What am I to condone
This body I don't even own

People want to know your occupation
Where'd you get your education
Don't wanna meet the soul within
Good looks and wealth a necessity
You think it's love but it's a smoke screen
When good looks fade
Divorce lawyers bring pain

Help me realize I cannot regret
If I don't fall victim to sense attachment

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